Weight Loss


Cardiovascular risk factors

Many special medical studies on the cardiovascular disease factors were held over the past 100 years. These studies revealed that cardiovascular disease (CVD) are the leading cause of disability and death in the world. Read more


Restrictive eating behavior

Hypocaloric diets and food refusal (starvation) often provide no desired effect. Most of patients suffering from obesity limited themselves in foods so many times that it had caused them a stable and long-term weight loss. Read more


Proteins and diets

The main step in treatment and prevention of obesity is reduction in caloric intake. However, reduced caloric intake of a patient must be gradual. Choosing a diet, people must consider age, obesity degree, gender, physical activity and level of proteins they consume. Read more


Principles of anti-obesity treatment

Anti-obesity treatment must be a gradual process, involving all the related risk factors. An optimal treatment involves a group of specialists: a nutritionist, endocrinologist and personal trainer. Read more



Obesity is an accumulation of fat and as a result an increase in body mass because of that fat. Obesity has been a health problem of the population since ancient times and it still damages health and wealth of a significant part of world population. This disorder worsens people’s state, changes for the worst the quality of life and can even deteriorate the course of other diseases. Read more


Obesity treatment

First, you may think the goal of obesity treatment is just to reduce the patient’s body mass down to normal level. However, it is not the whole point of the treatment. You should bear in mind that the maintenance of body mass (BM) achieved during the treatment is also an important task in the patient’s treatment process. Read more


Hormonal obesity

Hormonal obesity is the type of obesity, caused by the violation in work of endocrine system in the human body. In other words, it is a hormonal imbalance, followed by a variety of problems with human health, like for example overweight. Read more



Fat is an essential macroelement without which a normal functioning of the body is impossible. Any balanced diet as anti-obesity treatment involves consumption of different types of fats and other macroelements. Read more


Evaluating the suspected eating disorder

Often, to diagnose and cure eating disorder medical professionals from different medical areas are involved, for instance physicians, psychotherapists or nutritionists. Read more


Diets and childhood obesity

The number of children, who are overweight or obese, grows every year. Parents and teachers can and must help to prevent a childhood obesity. Balanced diet is one of the most effective methods to prevent obesity in children. Read more