Restrictive eating behavior

Hypocaloric diets and food refusal (starvation) often provide no desired effect. Most of patients suffering from obesity limited themselves in foods so many times that it had caused them a stable and long-term weight loss.Those periods when you are starving and having unbalanced diet causes in your body cachexia and usually does not lead to weight loss.

  • After these periods, uncontrolled food consumption is observed, accompanied with weight gain.

Emotional instability while sticking to low calorie diets may cause overeating and chronic depression.

Dietary restrictions may cause a number of negative feelings, such as:

Internal stress and constant fatigue
Uncontrolled fear and anxiety
Deterioration of spatial perception and stability
Bad mood and disgust to any activity
Aggressive behavior and disorder of thought process
Increased irritability, tiredness, anxiety and sadness.

Mental disorders when keeping a hypocaloric diet is the main reason of quitting the diet and causes of obesity. People may develop a feeling of guilt, distrust in a successful obesity therapy and low self-esteem. After such episodes, patients who used to eliminate mental discomfort by overeating, find it very difficult to lose weight.

Heredity and some diseases may have a decisive influence on formation of dietary preferences. Food intake of these patients depends on the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system, which helps causing a feeling of fullness and mental comfort.

Deficit of serotonin is associated with decreased consumption of simple carbs (sugar, for example). Foods high in simple carbs allow stimulating serotonin synthesis, bringing patients calm, feeling of joy and unfortunately obesity as well.

If you treat obesity on your own and it does not give you a significant weight loss, visit a professional nutritionist. You should better try to increase your physical activity. Active lifestyle several times increases the calorie burning, as well as improves your emotional state.

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