Principles of anti-obesity treatment

Anti-obesity treatment must be a gradual process, involving all the related risk factors. An optimal treatment involves a group of specialists: a nutritionist, endocrinologist and personal trainer.Actually, people can reduce the body weight without the help of specialists. In practice, a willpower paired with a lifestyle change may cure even a severe obesity.

The anti-obesity treatment is based on:

Modification of patient’s behavior
The choice of an optimal diet
Increase in physical activity
Social and psychological support
Use of medications

Due to annual increase of the number of obese patients, drug treatment of obesity is becoming more and more popular these days. Typically, weight loss medications are prescribed to patients, whose BMI is above 30 or BMI 27 and above, accompanied by comorbidities (for instance, diabetes mellitus and hypertension).

Obesity treatment is a complex problem, on which solving you might need much time. Hunger is one of the biggest problems. Hunger is a natural need for food, and it is very hard to resist sometimes.

Phentermine was exclusively developed to reduce the hunger feeling.

  • This drug acts in the central nervous system, providing satiety and allowing to comply with low-calorie diet.

You can buy Phentermine at pharmacies under such trade names as Adipex, Suprenza, Duromine and Metermine. Using these anorexigenic drugs, people can reduce their body weight by 10-15% within just few months. The drawback is that the effectiveness of the drug is reduced after 8-10 weeks; therefore, it is usually prescribed for maximum 12 weeks treatment.

Phentermine and generic drugs reduce the appetite, yet can increase the blood pressure, or cause any other cardiovascular side effects. In such situations, doctors recommend using Orlistat drug for anti-obesity treatment.

Orlistat is a specific gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor, which prevents the absorption of fat. This medication does not cause cardiovascular side effects; hence, it is a good alternative to Phentermine drug. You can buy Orlistat under such names as Alli and Xenical.

The main pharmaceutical effect of Orlistat is observed in intestines.

Therefore, the most common side effects are:

Frequent bowel movements
Excessive flatulence
Oily discharge
Fecal incontinence

Usually, Orlistat side effects are not dangerous for health. Therefore, you can buy minimal dosage of this medication (60mg) without prescription. Over time, Orlistat efficiency is not reduced. Therefore, these weight loss pills are recommended for a long-term use.

If anti-obesity drug treatment is ineffective, but the disease is progressing, a surgery might be required. Surgical antiobesity treatment is appropriate for BMI above 40, as well as BMI over 35 associated with comorbidities.

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