Safety use of Phentermine during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Phentermine anti-obesity drug belongs to C group of drugs by risk of harmful impact on mother and fetus during pregnancy. Group C drugs are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Group C drugs were tested on animals to reveal any harmful effects on fetus. The impact of group C drugs (including Phentermine) on the fetus during female pregnancy is unknown, since no studies were conducted on pregnant women.

However, group C drugs (including Phentermine) can be prescribed to pregnant women when good effects exceed the harmful effects for woman’s and fetal health.

Using medications, such as Phentermine during pregnancy (especially at the initial stage) may harm the unborn baby. In the first weeks of pregnancy (6-8 weeks) organs and fetal systems are formed, thus medicines taken at this time may cause fetal malformations. Because organs that clean the medicines out of the body (liver and kidneys) are not fully formed yet, then the fetal body cannot clean the drugs out on its own. Therefore the effect of group C drugs and Phentermine may be harmful for the fetus.

But use of any drugs including Phentermine during pregnancy may be harmful not just for the fetus but mother as well.

  • The thing is that woman’s body starts to change during pregnancy.
  • It changes the work of liver and kidneys that are responsible for excretion of drugs out of the body.
  • Due to the changed work of these organs, drug sensitivity arises and woman has a high risk of becoming allergic.
  • It also can increase the concentration of Phentermine drug in the blood plasma, which increases the risk of overdose.
  • Phentermine is also contraindicated during pregnancy, since it is similar to amphetamine.
  • It is known that amphetamines when they are used in pregnancy, enhance the risk of miscarriage, advanced labor or stillbirth, abstinence symptom, birth defects or abnormalities in brain development of a child.

Using Phentermine during pregnancy also increases the risk of giving birth to a child with low weight and height and weak behavioral responses.

Children, born underweight, are subject to many other diseases that can be really dangerous for a child’s body. Moreover, after being born, a child whose mother was taking amphetamines (including Phentermine), may suffer from abstinence syndrome: tremor, weakness and trouble breathing.

Almost all the medications, including Phentermine taken during pregnancy, provide certain effect on the brain of unborn baby. Herewith the drug has absolutely no effect on mother’s health. As a result of influence on the central nervous system, child lags behind in development both physically and mentally, unlike his peers.

  • According to some data, the use of medicines during the second half of pregnancy is harmless for the fetus. At 16 weeks pregnancy woman has a completely developed placental barrier, which doesn’t let medicines penetrate in the fetus. Thus the use of medicines considered to be safe.

However there is no data, proving that Phentermine does not penetrate through the placental barrier. For this reason, diet pills Phentermine are contraindicated for the entire pregnancy. Above all, there is no reliable data whether Phentermine passes into breast milk or not. So in order to avoid the risk of different complications, it is contraindicated to use diet pills Phentermine during breastfeeding.

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