Influence of sympathomimetic amine Phentermine on functions of cardiovascular system

Given that sympathomimetic amine Phentermine stimulates noradrenergic and dopaminergic CNS receptors, it is able to change peripheral and local hemodynamic profile.

Influencing on several types of noradrenaline and dopamine receptors at once, sympathomimetic amine Phentermine can cause peripheral vasodilation and thereby increase:

  • myocardial contractility;
  • heart rate;
  • total vascular resistance;
  • stroke volume and cardiac output.

Acceleration of the heart rate is very often accompanied by tachyarrhythmia and the increase in myocardial oxygen demand. It should be noted that the daily use of high Phentermine doses increases the likelihood of cardiovascular side effects.

Therefore, in cases when the use of low Phentermine doses contributes to the development of pronounced cardiovascular side effects, it is not recommended to increase the dosage of this sympathomimetic amine up to 40mg.

Peripheral vasodilation and changes in heart rate limit the possibility of  Phentermine prescription for obesity treatment in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

It is also important that severe vascular failure may develop in overdose (when exceeding the maximum daily dose of Phentermine 40mg). Therefore, regardless of obesity severity, total daily dose of sympathomimetic amine Phentermine should not exceed 40mg.

In cases when Phentermine tablets should be taken together with medications, affecting cardiac function and (or) vascular function, it is necessary to be informed about the potential of their interaction.

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