Phentermine – metabolic syndrome

One of the purposes of modern medicine is to treat obesity and its related disorders, such as metabolic syndrome. Generally, obesity develops because of metabolism disorders that promote fat accumulation in the body tissues. When metabolism is disrupted, fat deposits are first accumulated in the abdomen leading to weight gain. Moreover, fat deposits in the abdomen can cause dyslipidemia and disrupt lipid metabolism. These dysfunctions in the body provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Weight gain appears because of imbalance of energy entering with food and energy expenditure improving metabolism.

Energy, which is not expended to improve metabolism, is accumulated as fat deposits in the body.

Therefore, the obesity treatment can include just hypocaloric diet and increase in physical activity.

  • However, reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity do not lead to the desired results in weight loss in most cases.

Because of reducing the amount of food consumed, a lot of obese people experience nutritional stress.

So, obese people feel irresistible hunger, which is difficult to overcome. To avoid nutritional stress and depression, it is necessary to include an appetite suppressant drug, such as Phentermine in the complex of diet therapy and physical activity.

Phentermine anorectic drug helps to save a favorable emotional state and to prevent nutritional stress.

In addition, Phentermine helps to adhere to the reduced-calorie diet and to control the amount of food consumed.

  • Obese people using Phentermine diet pills feel saturation even while consuming a minimum amount of food.

Phentermine drug combined with diet therapy and active lifestyle helps not only to follow a proper diet, but also to realize the desire to look more attractive.

Metabolic Syndrome

Due to the use of Phentermine anorectic drug, metabolism increases and the amount of fats and toxins is reduced in the body.

Moreover, in patients using Phentermine, fats and carbs level is reduced, thereby promoting the decrease in fatty acids synthesis.

Together with decreased fatty acid synthesis, adipose tissues are broken down that promotes weight reduction in people using Phentermine.

It should be noted that obesity provokes lipid metabolism disorder. Regular use of Phentermine anti-obesity drug does not only help to decrease body weight but also to normalize lipid metabolism. Decrease in the level of triglyceride and sugar in the blood helps to lower the risk of comorbidities. Simultaneously with weight loss, the risk of obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia decreases while using Phentermine drug.

It is noteworthy that Phentermine weight loss drug is prescribed as a short-term treatment of obesity, lasting up to three months.

  • Phentermine should be used together with diet therapy and physical exercises.

Regular use of Phentermine diet pills within this period helps to reduce body weight by 10-15% of the initial. It is advised to continue adhering to the reduced-calorie diet and to lead an active lifestyle to maintain the body weight at the achieved level after the termination of Phentermine intake.

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