Several different types of anti-obesity medications are approved in Australia – Phentermine appetite suppressant and Orlistat gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. It is considered that Phentermine is more effective for a short-term therapy than Orlistat.

Despite the fact that anorexigenic drugs have been officially registered long ago, many obese patients do not know where to buy Phentermine in Australia. This review will teach you how to buy Phentermine without spending extra money.

  • In order to buy Phentermine at the nearest pharmacy, you need to undergo medical examination and get a prescription.

Those, who do not want to waste time for medical examination and tests, can buy Phentermine without prescription online.

In Australia, Phentermine sympathomimetic amine is sold under several trade names:

Phentermine Resin (by Valeant or iNova)

Pharmaceutical form of these medications – sustained release capsules. To suppress the appetite and reduce the body weight, people only have to take one Phentermine capsule a day.

  • In Australia, unlike other countries of the globe, three doses of Phentermine were approved for anti-obesity therapy, such as 15mg, 30mg and 40mg. The selection of different doses allows people choosing an optimal dosing schedule.

Australia is one of the few countries, where Phentermine is prescribed to obese adolescents over 12 years old. In the USA, Phentermine (Adipex) is designed for people over 16 years old only.

The prices of Phentermine-containing drugs at Australian pharmacies do not vary so much and remain quite high. If you want to reduce the cost of anti-obesity treatment, consider the possibility to buy Phentermine generic drugs.

For instance, in India, Phentermine generic drugs are produced by many pharmaceutical companies. Such drugs are no less effective, yet much cheaper than Duromine or Metermine drugs.

Online pharmacies offer you to buy cheap Phentermine generic drugs in India. You can place an order in Australia or any other country of the world. Time of delivery depends on the place of living.

If the CNS stimulants are contraindicated for you, you can buy herbal Phentermine in Australia. Such appetite suppressants may be less effective than Phentermine, but do not cause side effects instead.

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