If a person does not manage to cope with obesity independently, the experts can recommend the medical way to treat obesity. Medical method is to use different drugs that help to suppress appetite and lose weight quickly.

Among these drugs are those that contain sympathomimetic amine Phentermine as the active substance. The most effective and best-selling drugs for weight loss are Duromine, Adipex P and Phentermine.

However, do not think that you take a magic pill – Phentermine, and the next day you will wake up already grown thin. Weight loss is a daily long and hard work.

To achieve good results in fighting obesity, experts recommend combining the Phentermine use with physical exercises. Furthermore, a person should stick to a hypocaloric diet day by day.

Impact On Teeth

Just as other medicines for weight loss, Phentermine-containing drugs have certain side effects. One of the most common is dry mouth.

  • Most people with overweight often suffer from poor dental condition. Therefore, a question about Phentermine impact on teeth during the obesity treatment is a relevant.

In increased dryness in the mouth, the process of tooth decay is sharply accelerated. Because of insufficient amount of saliva, the likelihood of dental plaque increases. Namely dental plaque and acid, which is formed in the oral cavity due to food debris, are the key factors for tooth decay and gum disease.

It is established that saliva prevents tooth decay and gum diseases due to its antibacterial properties. A sufficient production of saliva protects the oral cavity from most bacteria that enter the human body through mouth.

Thus, during using Phentermine, a person must refill the lost fluids, which is of great importance for the saliva production. Even if dryness in the mouth does not cause much discomfort, the consumption of large amounts of fluid is the best protection against the destruction of tooth enamel and the development of gum diseases.

  • Thus, it can be asserted that Phentermine has no negative impact on the teeth condition.

Patients can safely use Phentermine-containing drugs for weight loss.

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