Hamburgers can make us lose memory

American cardiologists concluded that if you actually care of your health and namely memory function, you should limit the consumption of hamburgers.

It has been found out long ago that trans fatty acids affect the brain activity.

Actually, this type of fatty acids is formed during hydrogenation and baking in food industry.

Fast food, bakery, confectionery and fried food contain plenty of trans fats. According the research of American Heart Association, trans fat causes great harm to the human brain namely the grey matter.

It is commonly known that trans fats increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer. But recently, American doctors have decided to study the impact of trans fats on memory.

They conducted an experiment, involving 1000 men aged under 45 years, who had no health problems.

  • All these men were questioned about their diet and did the blood tests. Later on, they were shown 104 cards with printed words.

Every time a new card was shown, a tested man should have said whether this was a new word or the repeated one. The result of this study revealed that men with higher fat in the body had remembered fewer words than men with normal body weight had.

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