Getting pregnant is more difficult for skinny women

Thin women have fewer chances to get pregnant compared to those who have extra pounds, including severe obesity. This conclusion made by the scientists of the Fertility Center of Chicago, reports

For eight years, the specialists have analyzed data of 2.500 in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

All women involved in the study were divided into three groups: very slim, with normal weight and obese. After IVF, almost 50% of women with normal weight got pregnant, 45% – among obese women and just 34% – among slim women.

Thin are those women whose body mass index (BMI) is in the range from 14 to 18. In this case, a woman with the growth of 162.5 centimeters and the weight of 44.5 kg has BMI of 17, and a woman with the growth of 177.8 cm and the weight of 57 kilograms – BMI of 18.

Previously, it was found that very thin women are more difficult to conceive naturally because of low level of hormone estrogen in their bodies.

  • However, in this study, women trying to conceive through IVF received additional hormones.

In addition, all women were implanted with the same number of egg cells, so scientists have concluded that the problems in very thin women occurred at a later stage. It is assumed that the fertilized egg was difficult to implant in the uterine wall of very thin woman, because she «malnourished “.

Furthermore, it is possible that thin women are much more difficult to conceive due to evolution.

“People were getting thin when they lacked food and it was not the best time for childbirth, that perhaps affected the state of the female uterus,” – believes Dr. Richard Serban.

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