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Phentermine is a drug of amphetamine group of drugs and it is used for therapy of all obesity kinds. Phentermine was approved as appetite suppressant means and it should be used along with a low-calorie diet and physical activity.Today, people living in the USA can find various generic versions of Phentermine that have exactly the same properties as the original drug has. A pharmacist may offer his patients to get Phentermine or generic of Phentermine. A patient is free to choose.

  • The most popular Phentermine generic names for American people are Adipex-P, Suprenza, Qsymia and Phentermine Hydrochloride.

The manufacturers of these generic drugs say that their medications contain the same amount of active substance as the original drug has.

Phentermine Hydrochloride is the full name of anorexigenic substance, found in the original Phentermine and generic of Phentermine. The action of Phentermine Hydrochloride on concrete centers of the brain results in appetite suppression and easy satiety.

Phentermine generic drug may differ from the licensed drug only by auxiliary substances: preservatives, colorings and other inactive ingredients.

Other differences between the original Phentermine and generic of Phentermine lie in the production of generic drugs. One of them is the mechanism of tablets compression. It should be noted that most Phentermine generic drugs are produced in capsules. However, Adipex-P generic drug comes in tablets and capsules, while Suprenza appetite suppressant comes only in a tablet form.

Despite the fact that Phentermine generic drugs are produced in various pharmaceutical forms, generic drugs must differ from the original drug neither by the efficiency of treatment nor by the safety use. Usually, the drug is produced with a strict compliance of the quality standards and regulations.

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Typically, pharmaceutical companies begin producing generic of Phentermine after the expiry of the original drug patent. Still, in some countries (for example India), such drugs are produced before the expiry of the patent.

But few people know that sometimes the weight loss effect depends on a manufacturer of Phentermine generic drug a patient will choose. Phentermine generic drugs are produced in many countries of the world; therefore, they often differ from each other by the quality.

Do not choose the cheapest generic drugs. As it usually happens, the low price of the drug indicates that the producer used not the best quality ingredients.

When choosing a weight loss medication, people should focus on the composition, as well as the pharmaceutical company, which released this drug. A good reputation of the company can give you the guaranty that its drugs are of good quality.

For example, GATE Pharmaceuticals produces generic of Phentermine, called Adipex.

  • GATE Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of TEVA Pharmaceuticals in the USA and it is one of the well-known companies producing various generic drugs.

The U.S. FDA approved medications, produced by 14 manufacturers of Phentermine generic drug. The weight loss specialists recommend their patients to stick to one and the same manufacturer of anorexigenic drug.
This will help to minimize the risk of other side effects while using of new Phentermine generic drug and achieve the desired therapeutic effect. Often, when the doctor prescribes Phentermine generic drug, a patient is concerned about the price of this drug.

No doubt, the cheapest Phentermine generic drugs are available on online pharmacies. Besides, online pharmacies provide many patients a free consultation on the use of generic drugs, doses and possible side effects.

A patient can check out generic Phentermine pictures on the pharmaceutical websites or websites of the manufacturers and see how Phentermine capsules and their package look in reality. Moreover, people can read feedbacks of other people, who lost their body weight using Phentermine generic drug.

In summary, it is necessary to say that chemical and biological composition of Phentermine generic drugs is identical to that of the original drug. Almost all the manufacturers of brand drugs produce generic drugs as well.

In fact, generic of Phentermine differs from the original Phentermine by its price and appearance only. If a pharmacist recommends to buy a generic drug, then a patient can buy it without a doubt.

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