Phentermine and emotional eating behavior

One of the reasons for systematic overeating is psycho-emotional stress. Overeating acts as mood enhancer, but unfortunately promotes the increase of extra pounds. The important goal of fighting obesity due to psychogenic reasons is to correct eating behavior and to reduce the consumption of foods high in calories (fats and carbohydrates).Patients suffering from emotional eating behavior can be advised to stick to a low-calorie diet when using antidepressant drug. Fluoxetine is one of the prescribed and effective antidepressants. F

  • luoxetine drug helps to decrease the symptoms of psychovegetative disorders and thus, to get rid of the key factor of emotional eating behavior.

When using Fluoxetine antidepressant, appetite reduces in some patients. But, you should know that Fluoxetine’ anorectic effect is very weak; therefore overweight patients do not manage to achieve a clinically significant weight reduction during this antidepressant use.

However, there is a way out. Phentermine drug can be prescribed after the termination of antidepressant therapy if Fluoxetine helped to normalize eating behavior, but did not helped to lose body weight significantly. Phentermine weight loss drug possesses a strong anorexigenic effect, therefore the overweight patient taking it early in the day do not feel hunger throughout the whole day.

Emotional Eating Behavior

The risk of hypertonic crisis increases when using Fluoxetine together with Phentermine.

  • So, Phentermine slimming pills can be used only if stopped using Fluoxetine drug even in the absence of cardiovascular risk factors.

It is advised to stick to a hypocaloric diet and to do exercises every day while taking Phentermine diet pills. Note that Phentermine anorexigenic medication affects the CNS system. Thus, it is not recommended to use Phentermine weight loss pills in people with mental disorders.

How can I buy Phentermine in NZ?

For more than 40 years, Phentermine 15 mg and Phentermine 30 mg oral tablets have been available for sale at NZ pharmacies by prescription only. Before you buy Phentermine in NZ, be sure to visit a doctor to diagnose the obesity severity and to prescribe the optimal dose of this weight loss medication.

If you have been prescribed with Phentermine but it is very expensive at NZ retail pharmacies, you have the opportunity to order cheap Phentermine 15mg and 30mg tablets on online pharmacy. Note that customers of online pharmacy are able to buy Phentermine not only in New Zealand, but also in anywhere in the world.

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