Allergy is a multifactorial disease, usually being aggravated by other diseases. Allergy does not affect obesity itself, but most patients who have allergic disease, suffer either from overweight or from obesity. Obesity is considered as unfavorable factor in allergy treatment.Phentermine is not a contraindication for most patients with allergy.

  • Phentermine slimming pills are not advised to take if a patient with obesity has a strong allergic reaction to this drug or its components.

Allergic reaction of the body is manifested in edema, breathing problems and redness of skin. Patient, suffering from allergy should note that Phentermine slimming pills might cause these side effects, therefore they should follow a few recommendations.

  1. In drug allergy, patients should not use medications that can cause allergic reaction. While using Phentermine, a patient should tell his doctor if he uses any analgesic drugs, containing penicillin derivatives, sulfanilamides and cephalosporins.
  2. Patients should avoid insect bites, penetration of pollen on the skin, latex, food and chemical allergens. This will reduce the likelihood of allergic reaction significantly.

If patients noticed symptoms of allergic reaction after the intake of Phentermine (e.g. edema or redness), they should consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

Phentermine should be used no longer than 12 weeks. Allergy that arose during Phentermine therapy does not necessarily mean a negative reaction to this drug.

In fact, the first allergy can appear at any age. Acute allergic reactions may arise unexpectedly and provide dangerous consequences for a patient’s health.

A severe allergic reaction, caused by Phentermine slimming pills or any other allergen, may cause some complications, such as:

  • Temporal loss of consciousness;
  • Hissing or wheezing;
  • Drop of blood pressure;
  • Peeling or flaking skin;
  • Abnormal contraction of smooth muscles in bronchi;
  • Reduced oxygen supply to the brain;
  • Mechanical obstruction of air flow into the lungs;
  • Inflammation of skin with blisters;
  • Abnormal accumulation of the fluid in cavities and intercellular space.

To reduce the risk of allergy relapses, patients need a prophylaxis of the disease. People can lessen the allergic reaction when using Phentermine by means of modern medications for allergy treatment. Before using these drugs, patents should consult a doctor.

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