Phentermine is an amphetamine-like active substance, providing a quick and effective weight loss. Phentermine psychostimulant is found in many drugs of new generation, the purpose of which is to help to cure obesity.

In modern pharmaceutics, Phentermine is available in capsules and tablets with various doses of active substance. The efficiency of anti-obesity treatment depends on the properly chosen Phentermine dose.

For people, suffering from overweight, pharmaceutical companies developed the following Phentermine doses:

  • 15 mg
  • 30 mg
  • 37.5 mg
  • 40 mg

It should be noted that these Phentermine doses are effective for the weight loss and designed for adults and teenagers over 12 years old. However, low dose of Phentermine is prescribed to people over 65 years old as well.

High Phentermine doses are not recommended for elderly people. The reason of refusal of the treatment by means of available Phentermine doses can be comorbidities and fading of some functions of an aging body.

Phentermine Doses

We must say that Phentermine is not a biological supplement, but a potent medicine for obesity treatment. Phentermine must be used under a supervision of a skilled doctor, who uses an individual approach to every single patient and prescribes an optimal dose of Phentermine.

One more thing worth noting is that a patient cannot “prescribe” himself this drug because it is available at pharmacies by prescription only. Herewith, patients should not increase or reduce the daily dose of Phentermine, prescribed by the doctor.

A large dose of Phentermine can cause adverse reactions that typically affect the overall health of a patient. While, the low dose of Phentermine can be ineffective for anti-obesity therapy.

Doctors recommend using Phentermine daily dose in the morning with breakfast. When the administered Phentermine dose is used in the evening, a patient might suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

If we compare Phentermine doses depending on their administration, then we will see that the lowest Phentermine dose (15 mg) is prescribed for people with low body mass index (BMI), and this dose is mostly recommended for teenagers and elderly.

For adults, the starting daily dose of Phentermine is 30 mg.

  • If anti-obesity treatment was ineffective, the doctor can replace the therapeutic dose by any other available Phentermine dose.

The highest available Phentermine dose is 40 mg. It is used when a patient desperately needs to lose extra weight and his BMI is above 40 (morbid obesity). During the treatment of morbid obesity, a patient might be offered an individual approach to the weight loss process.

A complex approach involves the use of high dose of Phentermine along with physical activity and low-calorie food. Actually, a rapid fat burn can be achieved by using high dose of Phentermine as well as all the other available Phentermine doses.

The main principle in recommendation of one or another Phentermine dose is not to harm the patient’s health and provide the therapeutic effect in the treatment of all kinds of obesity.

Sometimes, a patient develops tolerance to high doses of Phentermine when he repeats the anti-obesity treatment. Drug tolerance is an addiction of the body to the medication, causing the need to constantly increase the daily dose of Phentermine.

To avoid the drug tolerance and the need for high Phentermine doses, a patient must adhere to Phentermine dose for weight loss recommended by the doctor, and the information on effective Phentermine doses.

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