Common obesity causes

People should initiate the struggle against obesity, just as any other chronic disease, with finding out the causes of overweight. A proper and timely diagnosis of obesity causes allows people cure this disease with minimal negative health consequences.

The statistics of obesity causes differs from country to country.

  • For instance, in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, the main obesity cause is the consumption of excessive amount of high-calorie food combined with a sedentary lifestyle.

The prevalence of obesity increases especially among the vulnerable population groups.

However, an increasing number of childhood and teenage obesity incidents is of greatest concern these days. Overweight and obesity at early age can significantly increase the risk of comorbidities in the future.

Genetic factor

Unfortunately, many people suffer from overweight or obesity because of their hereditary component.

  • According to stats, over 75% of children are overweight if both parents suffer from obesity.

In families, where one of the parents is obese and the other is not, the likelihood that they have an overweight child is 50%.

Even if both parents have normal body weight, there is a slight probability they have a child with extra weight (thanks to grandparents and other relatives).

Common Obesity Causes

High-energy food

Obesity is a disease of modern society.

Often, obesity is caused by bad food choices and overeating. Tasty, high-calorie and not always healthy foods are available to all segments of the population.

Primitives have never suffered from obesity, because they moved a lot and ate rough food high in fiber. Contemporary people should eat more raw fruit and vegetables. The human body needs a sufficient amount of healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates.

We must not forget about food that speeds up the metabolism.

They can help to burn fats even in poor physical activity. People should drink large amount of clean and fresh water. It reduces the appetite and flushes the kidneys.

The lack of physical activity

There are planned and unplanned types of physical activity.

  • Not everyone has spare time to attend gym, but everybody can increase his physical activity throughout the day and remove at least one of obesity causes.

The popularity of gym, pool or any other active sports increases year by year. Unfortunately, this does not allow us to stop spreading the obesity epidemic.

The level of unplanned physical activity is constantly decreasing in the majority of the population. There is hardly a person, who can live without remote controls, escalators, elevators, cars and mobile phone.

But the truth is that it is much easier to keep your weight under control, rather than cure obesity afterwards. It is better to walk by foot to the nearest supermarket or leave your car far from the entrance. To not torture yourself doing exercises in gym, try to spend less time lying on a couch at home.

Mental state

Emotional factors cause a great impact on dietary habits and preferences.

  • Stress, sorrow, disappointment or anger may cause uncontrolled hunger.

Mental abnormalities often provoke overweight and obesity in people of any age.

The recent studies have shown that 70% of people in stressful state consume much more food than in a calm state.

High levels of “stress hormone” – cortisol affects the heart function, increasing the blood cholesterol, weakening the immune system and accumulating fat tissue. This may cause both obesity and other dangerous pathologies, such as suppression of thyroid function, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Elimination of obesity causes

In most cases, people can eliminate the obesity causes on their own.

The main thing is to change the lifestyle, losing weight gradually and preventing the gain of extra kilograms.

It happens that at the initial stage of anti-obesity treatment, people are hard to take their hunger under control. In this case, people can use prescription or over-the-counter appetite suppressants.

Drugs containing Phentermine active substance are the most popular appetite suppressants today.

  • In the USA, you can buy Adipex, Suprenza and other Phentermine-containing weight loss pills. In Australia, New Zealand and other countries of Asia and the Pacific, you can buy Duromine (Phentermine).

In addition, you can buy natural appetite suppressants online without prescription. Such diet pills do not only can suppress the appetite but also speed up the metabolism, burn fat and increase thermogenesis.

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