The biggest problem of modern people is how to stay in a good shape. Irregular diet, sedentary life and lots of work make people overweight sometimes. Some are so busy that they simply have no time for nutritionist, fitness and diets. But the problem stays. Being busy all day long, people sometimes forget to have lunch, but still feel hungry. And when they come back home and they eat everything that is in the fridge. Literally. So there is number of tips how to minimize your hunger feeling, in order not to become fat.First of all you can “cheat” your stomach by drinking lots of water. Water is good for your body and if you drink a glass of water when you are hungry, it may reduce this feeling for a while. You can also drink green tea or sugar-free juice.

Once you are home, take a hot bath. It will relax you and take off your hunger a little bit. Plus, sweating helps to get rid of excess liquid in your body.

You should try to eat in a quiet place, with no music and TV set on. The truth is that you can eat much more food while watching TV because you are distracted from the eating process.

  • And if you are watching an interesting movie, you tend to eat sweets and fatty food.

Exercises. It is not necessary to rush to the gym immediately. Once you feel hungry, you can do some gymnastics or a couple of stretching exercises. So you will see hunger disappears as soon as you distract your body with some exercises.

But do not exercise before sleep.

Cheating Hunger

You might be surprised but smell and color affect hunger as well.

It was proven that blue color reduces appetite, so you can choose blue tableware, tablecloth or even change the kitchen interior to blue. Or for example, aromatherapy can help to reduce hunger. Just take some aroma oils (citrus oils, perfumes) or any citrus fruit, smell it for a second.

You will feel less hungry.

Speaking of tableware, buy a set of small plates so your food servings can be smaller than usual. There is a rule though: do not take refill every time you finish the previous serving.

Listen to your body. Do not eat when you are not hungry. After dinner you can indulge yourself with a piece of dark chocolate, yogurt or fruit. It will make you happy and relieve hunger if you eat it soon after the dinner. Put everything you are going to eat on a small plate and eat it slowly. If you feel full, stop eating.

  • Try not to eat in a company. Chatting and expressing your emotions, you will not notice how you eat everything that is on the table.

Another tip if you can’t help but eat a lot of unhealthy products: first of all, do not buy them and if someone of your relatives did this, just take high-calorie food out of your sight.

Snacks are bad too.

Even if the labels say it’s fat-free, sugar-free or whatever. All the snack bars contain preservatives, vegetable fats and tons of sugar, believe me.

Most people don’t think when they eat, or on contrary: they think too much about how not to gain weight and other stuff. Some believe that they must ban themselves to eat certain products, no matter what. But if you love to eat sweets or fried steak, you just stress your body, making the situation worse. You may still eat your favorite “unhealthy” foods, but once a week maximum.

Take an every day walk. Seriously, 30 minutes of evening open-air walk helps to distract from hunger. In addition, your body gets more oxygen than inside the house. If it’s late or you are tired to go for a walk, just take 2-3 deep inhales and make a couple of slopes before going to bed.

Cheating Hunger

It is a fact that good sleep (at least 7-8 hours) provides healthy skin and no excess weight. You should eat at least 2 hours before sleep, because food digestion may provoke insomnia.

Brush your teeth early before sleep, this will stop you from eating extra food, since you’ve brushed your teeth already! Or if you don’t want to go to bed early, watch some slim top models in fashion magazine. If you want to look like them, you will not eat at night.

One more important rule: eat no less than 20 minutes, because your brain doesn’t get saturation signal faster. These simple rules may prevent you from overeating and help to lose extra pounds!

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