Phentermine and causes of tolerance development to anorexigenic effect

Patients taking Phentermine tablets should remember that this drug is prescribed for short-term obesity treatment only. In prolonged use of Phentermine drug (regardless of daily dosage), tolerance to anorexigenic activity of this drug develops in patients.

Due to prolonged Phentermine influence on hypothalamus receptors, adaptive changes in neurotransmission occur between the brain cells. Brain cells provide the protection of functional activity of the central nervous system against excessive influence of pharmacological agent Phentermine.

In tolerance development to anorexigenic effect, use of Phentermine tablets does not provide a significant appetite suppression. Accordingly therapeutic efficacy of Phentermine decreases and further use of Phentermine tablets becomes inadvisable.

It should be noted that increase in daily dosage does not enhance anorexigenic effect in patients taking Phentermine for a long time.

  • So regardless of the achieved result, one should stop using Phentermine tablets 4-6 weeks after the obesity pharmacotherapy.

If tolerance to anorexigenic activity of pharmacological ingredient Phentermine does not allow to achieve the expected result, other medicines for obesity treatment may be prescribed to a patient.

For example, Diethylpropion drug (trade name Tenuate) can be prescribed for short-term obesity treatment, and a prescription for Sibutramine tablets (trade name Reductil) may be prescribed for long-term obesity therapy.

If Phentermine tablets were prescribed to you, but their use does not provide expected anorexigenic effect, it is quite possible that your body has developed a tolerance to active pharmaceutical ingredient Phentermine.

  • In this case you should consult health worker who will change the scheme of obesity treatment or will prescribe another drug.

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