Use of Phentermine diet pills in elderly patients

Modern medicine demonstrates us many examples how Phentermine diet pills help to lose weight in obese patients. Using Phentermine pills within 12 weeks together with diet and complex of exercises helps to reduce body mass by 15% of initial weight. But it is recommended to take Phentermine weight loss pills in elderly (over 65 years old) in minimal dosage, which is Phentermine 15mg.

Often obesity in the elderly is accompanied by cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and disorders in the musculoskeletal system. Thus high blood pressure and tachycardia are among the adverse effects of Phentermine slimming pills.

It means that Phentermine increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders and worsens already existing disorders in cardiovascular system. Also Phentermine can violate the work of cardiac valve, which aggravates heart diseases.

Elderly patients, who suffer from type 2 diabetes, must remember that they might require to reduce the dose of insulin and (or) other anti-diabetic medications when used together with Phentermine anti-obesity pills.

Performing physical exercises is one of the conditions of rapid weight loss by means of using Phentermine pills.

  • Usually patients over 65 years old (including those with musculoskeletal disorders) are very difficult to perform any physical exercises. Therefore the treatment of obesity in the elderly, involves moderate physical activity that do not require a lot of physical endurance.

If musculoskeletal disorders limit the physical activity of an elderly patient, doctor prescribes physiotherapy along with Phentermine anti-obesity medication.

Note that regardless of your age, you are unlikely to achieve rapid weight loss by only taking Phentermine pills without adding to it a complex of physical exercises (physiotherapy) and low-calorie diet.

To reduce the risk of side effects (including cardiovascular) elderly patients are recommended to take Phentermine in minimal doses. Minimal dose of Phentermine prescribed for obesity treatment in geriatric patients is 15mg.

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