Anti obesity drug Lorcaserin

The prevalence of obesity has dramatically increased over the past four decades, affecting about half of the population in developed countries in America and Europe. A large number of people with obesity caused a growth in the number of patients with various metabolic and cardiovascular complications.

Lorcaserin is a new drug intended to treat obesity in adults. Lorcaserin, under the brand name Belviq, received FDA approval in June 2012 and immediately caused a great interest among ordinary consumers and weight loss clinics.

Year after year, the Americans are getting fatter and more desperate, so it is hard to overestimate their interest in new methods of weight control. People want to learn more about distinctive features of anti-obesity drug Lorcaserin and often ask such questions as:

How does Lorcaserin work?
How much weight can I lose with Lorcaserin?
What are the risks of side effects?
Where can I buy Lorcaserin online?

The mechanism of Lorcaserin action is to stimulate the CNS and reduce appetite. The drug maximally suppresses appetite, reduces craving for food and allows to limit caloric value of the daily diet.

Anorexigenic drug Lorcaserin has a great potential for rapid weight loss, however this is not “magic” diet pills. When using Lorcaserin, do not forget that regular exercise and healthy eating are crucial when it comes to weight management.

Just as any other appetite suppressants or fat blockers, Lorcaserin is prescribed as an important, but still a part of the overall weight management program. Those who rely only on therapeutic effect of Lorcaserin without adhering to low-calorie diets and exercise do not always achieve good results.

Lorcaserin (Belviq) is officially approved as a safe and effective anti-obesity drug. This means that benefits of the therapeutic effect of Lorcaserin exceed the risks of side effects. Intake of adequate doses of Lorcaserin does not represent any serious medical risks in most cases.

Common side effects of Lorcaserin may include dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, back pain, dizziness and decrease in blood sugar level in obese people with diabetes. Ordinarily, side effects appear in the first few days of treatment and independently disappear after the body adapts to action of the active substance.

Intake of no more than two Lorcaserin 10mg pills per day helps to control your appetite without serious side effects. It is best to take anti-obesity drug Lorcaserin every day at the same time.

Belviq by a pharmaceutical company Eisai is the only Lorcaserin-containing drug available on shelves of the US pharmacies. Please, note that a prescription is required to buy Belviq (Lorcaserin).

At this point in time in the USA, generic drugs of Belviq are not available, so cost of the branded drug remains quite high. If you want to buy anti-obesity drug Belviq at a low price, look for it in large pharmacy chains.

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