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Phentermine and Insomnia

Phentermine diet pills may cause insomnia

Phentermine diet pills are designed for treatment of exogenous obesity. Slimming pills Phentermine are recommended to be taken in the morning on empty stomach. If single dose of Phentermine caused you side effects, it is recommended to divide the dose into two intakes. But it is not recommended to take Phentermine diet pills after 06:00 p.m. Because when used right before sleep, Phentermine weight loss pills provoke insomnia. Read more


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Safety use of Phentermine during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Phentermine anti-obesity drug belongs to C group of drugs by risk of harmful impact on mother and fetus during pregnancy. Group C drugs are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Read more


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Phentermine and causes of tolerance development to anorexigenic effect

Patients taking Phentermine tablets should remember that this drug is prescribed for short-term obesity treatment only. In prolonged use of Phentermine drug (regardless of daily dosage), tolerance to anorexigenic activity of this drug develops in patients. Read more


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Phentermine dosage

  • Phentermine a sympathomimetic drug for treatment of exogenous obesity should be taken according to recommendations of a physician. Since effective and proper treatment course depends on the right use of Phentermine weight loss pills.

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Phentermine is the first drug, approved by the FDA for obesity treatment. Symptomatic drug Phentermine is prescribed for weight loss. Mechanism of Phentermine action is to suppress the appetite. Phentermine stimulates the release of norepinephrine and dopamine by nerve endings in the center of hypothalamus saturation that contributes to the appetite suppression. Phentermine inhibits gastric secretion and increases energy consumption. Read more


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Use of slimming pills Phentermine in alcohol or drug dependence

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic medication, amphetamine derivative. In modern clinical practice Phentermine is used for appetite suppression in people with overweight.  Phentermine ability to suppress the appetite is due to the influence on CNS (central nervous system). Read more


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Safety use of Phentermine diet pills in cardiovascular disorders

It is contraindicated to use Phentermine slimming pills in cardiovascular disorders. Phentermine drug for treatment of exogenous obesity affects the central nervous system. The fact is that Phentermine stimulates almost all parts of the brain, making human body to intensively waste the energy and mental resources. These changes occur due to the fact that Phentermine releases a large amount of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. Read more


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Safety use of Phentermine diet pills in childhood

Body sensitivity to medications (like for example Phentermine) changes, depending on the age of a patient. All organs and systems of the human body affect the absorption rate, therapeutic effect and excretion rate of Phentermine drug. Everybody is individual, therefore Phentermine dosage is adjusted individually for each clinical case. Read more


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Phentermine efficiency in diabetes

Many patients with diabetes are advised to perform physical activities. However, even during prolonged physical activity, the systematic consumption of high-calorie foods contributes to fat deposition in the body. Read more


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Side effects when using Phentermine diet pills

It is known that when using medicines (including diet pills Phentermine), physico- chemical or chemical drug interactions with receptors of cell membranes occur in the human body. Exactly cell membranes interact with Phentermine drug, providing therapeutic effect. Read more