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Influence of sympathomimetic amine Phentermine on functions of cardiovascular system

Given that sympathomimetic amine Phentermine stimulates noradrenergic and dopaminergic CNS receptors, it is able to change peripheral and local hemodynamic profile. Influencing on several types of noradrenaline and dopamine receptors at once, sympathomimetic amine Phentermine can cause peripheral vasodilation and thereby increase:

  • myocardial contractility;
  • heart rate;
  • total vascular resistance;
  • stroke volume and cardiac output.

Acceleration of the heart rate is very often accompanied by tachyarrhythmia and the increase in myocardial oxygen demand. It should be noted that the daily use of high Phentermine doses increases the likelihood of cardiovascular side effects.

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Phentermine and Insomnia

Phentermine diet pills may cause insomnia

Phentermine diet pills are designed for treatment of exogenous obesity. Slimming pills Phentermine are recommended to be taken in the morning on empty stomach. If single dose of Phentermine caused you side effects, it is recommended to divide the dose into two intakes. But it is not recommended to take Phentermine diet pills after 06:00 p.m. Because when used right before sleep, Phentermine weight loss pills provoke insomnia.

Insomnia is a violation of the physiological process of sleep. Having insomnia, person falls asleep late, wakes up too early, waking up several times at night, so his sleep is restless and unstable. If these symptoms are combined, then person’s life becomes a nightmare, since usually insomnia comes hand in hand with depression.

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Safety use of Phentermine during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Phentermine anti-obesity drug belongs to C group of drugs by risk of harmful impact on mother and fetus during pregnancy. Group C drugs are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Group C drugs were tested on animals to reveal any harmful effects on fetus. The impact of group C drugs (including Phentermine) on the fetus during female pregnancy is unknown, since no studies were conducted on pregnant women.

However, group C drugs (including Phentermine) can be prescribed to pregnant women when good effects exceed the harmful effects for woman’s and fetal health.

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Phentermine and causes of tolerance development to anorexigenic effect

Patients taking Phentermine tablets should remember that this drug is prescribed for short-term obesity treatment only. In prolonged use of Phentermine drug (regardless of daily dosage), tolerance to anorexigenic activity of this drug develops in patients.

Due to prolonged Phentermine influence on hypothalamus receptors, adaptive changes in neurotransmission occur between the brain cells. Brain cells provide the protection of functional activity of the central nervous system against excessive influence of pharmacological agent Phentermine.

In tolerance development to anorexigenic effect, use of Phentermine tablets does not provide a significant appetite suppression. Accordingly therapeutic efficacy of Phentermine decreases and further use of Phentermine tablets becomes inadvisable.

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Phentermine and Topiramate

Qsymia (Phentermine and Topiramate)

July 17, 2012 the FDA approved a new drug Qsymia for obesity treatment. The new drug Qsymia for obesity treatment consists of two pharmacological substances Phentermine and Topiramate.

  • Phentermine was approved by the FDA for short therapy of exogenous obesity.
  • Topiramate was approved by the FDA for the treatment of epileptic attacks and prevention of migraine.

Feasibility of combined use of Phentermine and Topiramate is proven by the fact that Topiramate has anorexigenic effect just as Phentermine. Therefore Topiramate increases pharmacological action of Phentermine, allowing to reduce the dose of Phentermine twice.

It should be noted though that Topiramate possesses slight anorexigenic effect and even maximal Topiramate doses provide no significant effect. Hence, Topiramate cannot be prescribed for monotherapy of obesity and can be only used in combination with Phentermine.

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Phentermine dosage

  • Phentermine a sympathomimetic drug for treatment of exogenous obesity should be taken according to recommendations of a physician. Since effective and proper treatment course depends on the right use of Phentermine weight loss pills.
  • It is recommended to take Phentermine weight loss pills in the morning on empty stomach or 1-2 hours after meal. To get maximum therapeutic result patient should take Phentermine diet pills, combined with low-calorie diet and complex of exercises.
  • Patients with BMI 27 to 30 (body mass index) are recommended to take minimal dose of Phentermine 15mg, once daily.
  • To control weight, patients with BMI above 30 are recommended to take one diet pill Phentermine 30mg, once a day.
  • If single dose of Phentermine 30mg provokes side effects it is necessary to divide the dose for two intakes (one Phentermine 15mg weight loss pill, 2 times a day).
  • For severe stages of obesity, it is prescribed in maximal daily dose of Phentermine 37.5mg (one Phentermine 37.5mg pill, once daily).
  • Phentermine daily dose is optimal when it provides anorectic effect for at least 12 hours.
  • Maximum recommended duration use of Phentermine slimming pills is 12 weeks. A longer use of Phentermine diet pills enhances the risk of drug addiction.
  • If patient missed another Phentermine dose, it is recommended to take it as soon as he has remembered.
  • If patient has remembered of the missed Phentermine dose after 06:00 p.m., it is recommended to take the next dose of Phentermine 15mg, Phentermine 30mg or Phentermine 37.5mg on the next day.

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Phentermine efficiency

Using just one Phentermine pill can help to lose weight, as well as significantly reduce the risk of related diseases. For example, only 5% of weight loss (compared to initial) reduces the risk of diabetes significantly.

According to statistical data, 5-10% of weight loss (including while using Phentermine) helps to minimize the risk of developed cardiovascular diseases by more than 10%.

Combined use of Phentermine with low-calorie diet and complex of physical exercises enhances therapeutic effect, allowing to speed up the process of fat burn. Compliance with diet and physical activity after termination of Phentermine therapy helps to keep the achieved results for a long time.

A significant fact is that when you use Phentermine your body loses fat but not muscles tissue. Given that Phentermine does not cause atrophy of muscle fibers, during obesity medical treatment, no dysfunctions of musculoskeletal system takes place either.

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Phentermine is the first drug, approved by the FDA for obesity treatment. Symptomatic drug Phentermine is prescribed for weight loss. Mechanism of Phentermine action is to suppress the appetite. Phentermine stimulates the release of norepinephrine and dopamine by nerve endings in the center of hypothalamus saturation that contributes to the appetite suppression. Phentermine inhibits gastric secretion and increases energy consumption.

Phentermine drug for obesity treatment is prescribed for a short-term use in combination therapy with low-calorie diet and a complex of exercise. Diet pills Phentermine are used to treat exogenous obesity in patients with BMI (body mass index) greater than 30. Weight loss pills Phentermine are also used in patients with BMI more than 27 in the presence of related diseases, such as: hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia.

Use of Phentermine pills allows to reduce body mass approximately by 15% from initial body weight within 12 weeks. Weight loss allows a patient to improve the overall health state, as well as reduces a risk of obesity-related diseases: diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension.

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Use of slimming pills Phentermine in alcohol or drug dependence

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic medication, amphetamine derivative. In modern clinical practice Phentermine is used for appetite suppression in people with overweight.  Phentermine ability to suppress the appetite is due to the influence on CNS (central nervous system).

When using diet pills Phentermine, do not use alcohol and potent drugs. In addition, before to use slimming pills TPhentermine, be sure to inform your doctor about the presence of alcohol or drug addiction.

Use of alcohol and (or) potent drugs together with weight loss pills Phentermine increases the concentration of the drug in the blood plasma. Herewith, not only increase in side effects may occur but also overdose symptoms may appear (shortness of breath, tachycardia, anaphylactic shock).

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Safety use of Phentermine diet pills in cardiovascular disorders

It is contraindicated to use Phentermine slimming pills in cardiovascular disorders. Phentermine drug for treatment of exogenous obesity affects the central nervous system. The fact is that Phentermine stimulates almost all parts of the brain, making human body to intensively waste the energy and mental resources. These changes occur due to the fact that Phentermine releases a large amount of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.

The release of large amount of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine can cause: high blood pressure and (or) intracranial pressure; develop cardiac arrhythmia, enhanced cerebral circulation and increased heart rate.

That’s why Phentermine increases the risk of irreversible disorders in cardiovascular system, when used in heart disease.

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